Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Less than a month left...

A whole month without posting, apparently I'm slipping back into my old habits. It's not as though there was nothing to discuss, we had one hell of a rough week about 3 weeks ago, I just haven't gotten around to writing anything. Although I am hesitant to write about certain events for fear of getting another phone call from Brigade (HELLO BRIGADE!).

Essentially in one week period we had some RKG-3 grenades thrown at us, several IEDs throughout the Operating Environment across several insurgent network territories, an indirect fire attack, a non combat related death, and a suicide car bomb that took the life of 2 soldiers attached to the squadron from 5-20 IN.

That week I nearly tore out what little hair I have left.

Life is better now. Our replacements have started to arrive and I'll be out of here by the end of July.

Some random thoughts:
- What is 1-14 up to these days? Clearing all of Jalula. Or at least a good chunk of it. That's what happens when carbombs go boom; hammers get brought down.
- Favorite book read during the deployment: Agent to the Stars by John Scalzi...absolutely hilarious
- Book I am reading now that I should have read 11 months ago: Accidental Guerrilla by David Kilcullen
- Favorite movie watched: Avatar...although I haven't seen District 9 yet.
- Worst movie watched: G.I. Joe...I didn't think a movie could be worse than Transformers 2.
- I am having trouble recalling the first 5 months of the deployment, I must have repressed those memories.
- Best unit patch in the Army? The unit patch of the guys replacing you after a year long deployment.

SPC Christopher Opat, SPC William Yauch, SGT O' will be missed, but not forgotten.